PostScripted gets a shout-out in Gumball post-Urbanscapes!


Musings: Urbanscapes 2013, An Art Perspective

“However, one booth in particular did catch my eye on Day 1. A duo with a project called Post Scripted from Singapore were doing something quite unusual. They weren’t encouraging people to paint on things or write stuff on a wall, but instead were engaging visitors in lengthy conversations. I got curious and sat down with them, and I got to know creative writers Carolyn Oei and Marc Nair a little better. The pair are writers from Singapore and only started project Post Scripted a couple of months ago during the Singapore Craft Festival. They get you to go through a set of postcards and tell them how the photograph makes you feel, how you interpret it, what you think it means. Then they reinterpret what you’ve just said and turn it into a short story or poem.”

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