Onward to 2014 in Fine Fettle!

28 December 2013

In March, I wrote about living the humility of not knowing. And then in July, I waxed lyrical about finding the heart to commit.

Both posts are about qualities that I aspire to. More correctly, a balanced state of being that I work towards achieving.

It’s been two and a half years since I started The Creative Voice. Whilst the company is still an infant by conventional business standards, it has had to learn the rudiments of survival in triple-quick time.

The fledgling TCV, as it is sometimes affectionately referred to as, has not had the benefit of a nurse-maid to sustain it as a going concern. Neither has it had an older sibling to hold its hand as it crossed perilous contract highways. Even less so has it had a parental figure that laid out the ins and outs of just about everything that one needs to know about running a business.

Yet to date, this young ‘un has survived one Spring, two Summers, two Autumns and one and a half Winters.

There is no doubt that TCV’s solid clients, dedicated associates and interns, and reliable third-party vendors have collectively contributed to TCV’s survival and development. For them and their unwavering support, I am grateful.
There is also no doubt that the urge and willingness to continue learning, giving and creating are important life skills that have helped TCV to build strength in its wings. It would be impossible for me to begin to describe the grounding that the horses, fellow volunteers, staff and riders at the Riding for the Disabled Association have instilled in me. I find it difficult also to articulate the validation I experienced as a participating artist at Urbanscapes in Kuala Lumpur in November.
With nothing less than healthy dollops of elbow grease, 2013 has been a year of honing my skills and working muscle into these wings. Face to the sun, the sights are clearly set on soaring to greater heights in 2014 with lifestyle accounts and a major music event that will set the creative tone for the year and beyond.
But even as my associates and I hit the ground running from 6 January 2014, there is no mistaking the nurturing crib that has made this all possible. Giving back, therefore, will continue to be a priority item in our schedules.
Enjoy your year-end festivities. Keep up your strength and allow your imaginations to burn. As John O’Donohue so eloquently describes:“The imagination is the creative force in the individual. It always negotiates different thresholds and releases possibilities of recognition and creativity that the linear, controlling external mind will never even glimpse.” – from Anam Cara
Onward to 2014!