Adventuring into Entrepreneurship

As I write this on 19 September 2012 at about 9pm (Singapore time), I’m waiting to leave on a work trip that will most certainly be unlike any other business trip that I’ve made. I’m headed first to Vienna, which is the transit point of the trip proper. Come Sunday 23 September, I’ll be in Bratislava. The journey will continue on to Prague. This is all part of the¬†Spotlight Singapore¬†programme, and I’m excited to be a part of this delegation.

I am to give a speech in Bratislava on Tuesday 25 September to about 200 people. The thrust of the presentation is to give my perspectives on being an entrepreneur in Singapore. The decision is to speak simply about what I know and have experienced.

My talk is entitled, “Adventuring into Entrepreneurship” because that is what I believe it is; a journey, a continuing work-in-progress, an adventure. You just have to go with the tools and skills that you have and hope you have the presence of mind to use them correctly as you go along.

This will be my first-ever trip to the former Eastern Bloc. I’m sure it will be memorable.