What’s Happening In 2016?


It does me well to look back on the year just gone – but only briefly – so that I can calibrate my speed and direction for the one that is now.

2015 seemed to whizz by for The Creative Voice.

The Singapore HeritageFest came and went. Then, there was a major book-writing deal with a prominent Singapore Indian business leader; followed by a copy-editing assignment for a book prepared by the Centre for Asian Legal Studies (NUS).

Individually, Marc, Vikas and I have grown as artists and are pursuing many personal projects. Marc travelled extensively to perform, flying the Singapore flag high as he mesmerised audiences with his spoken word poetry. There was TEDx Singapore, too, and you can watch the video here. Marc has much more in store for his fans this year. You can keep up with his performances, book launches and other public appearances on his Facebook page.

Vikas has expanded his design practice to include lecturing at LaSalle College of the Arts and ramping up on his architecture/heritage walks. More on his updates here.

Me? Well, I’m doing a lot of writing – both commercial and creative. New projects this year include Personal Data Protection Commission, Andromeda and Tuber Productions.

Outside of TCV, there is Mackerel, of course, which is going from strength to strength. Read all our stories here.


But, the big thing for the year has to be Neon Lights 2016! Totally psyched for this and it is going to be a festival to remember. As Festival Manager, my role is essentially to ensure that everything goes according to plan! I’ll be sure to enjoy the music and arts programming (and F&B!) while I’m at it!

Hope your 2016 is going swell, too.