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The mackerel is Nature’s long-distance swimmer.

Inspired by its strength, resilience and spirit of adventure, Mackerel is a culture magazine that focuses on social commentary, arts and travel.

We tell contemporary stories of beauty, truth and hope through essays, photographs, podcasts and videos.

Like the “maquerel” in Old French – a “go-between” – Mackerel is a broker of experience.

Content is organised into the following categories:

  • The Big Picture – social commentaries and reviews
  • Portrait – Profiles of interesting people doing interesting things
  • Mack Books – book reviews by some of the region’s finest emerging and established writers and poets
  • Light & Sound – our multi-media offerings including videos and podcasts
  • Notes From Elsewhere – Travel stories

Mackerel was launched on 26 February 2015.



Instagram and Twitter: @mackerelstories


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