Our Magazine For The Discerning Reader


The mackerel is Nature’s long-distance swimmer.

Inspired by its strength, resilience and spirit of adventure, Mackerel is a culture magazine that focuses on experiences, taking a deep-dive into people, places and spaces.

The magazine comprises beautiful photographs, offbeat videos and droll writing. Content is organised into categories that meet every reading desire:

  • Braised – Food and drink
  • Comment – Our Op-Ed, ie: a chance to rant without looking completely deranged
  • Portrait – Profiles of interesting people doing interesting things
  • Review – Reflections and opinions on anything, be it a place, event, movie or musical
  • Sketch – Photo-driven snippets of a people, place or thing
  • Mack Books – book reviews by some of the region’s finest emerging and established writers and poets

Mackerel was launched on 26 February 2015.



Instagram and Twitter: @mackerelstories


** Logo designed by Vikas Kailankaje